Blazing Star can meet a very wide range of needs faced by companies and organizations.

Among the main ones we can mention:


Incentives & team buildings
Blazing Star offers an ideal tool for conducting group water activities in the greatest user-friendliness while maintaining a high level of quality.


Events at the dock
Blazing Star, due to its aesthetics and large dimensions (18m), is particularly suitable for selective activities at the dock.


Promotional tours
Blazing Star is an option of choice for the development of high-end products and services.


Day trips
Blazing Star can easily accommodate twelve people on board, including crew, for half-day or even full-day sea excursions with a snack on board.
Depending on the fitness and physical condition of the participants, one to three crew members must be provided


Shooting / filming
Blazing Star because of its elegance, refinement and natural strength makes it the natural place for shootings and shoots

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