Branle-bas Sailing in Quiberon Bay

Blazing Sar will participate in the Branle-Bas sailing in Quiberon Bay organized by les Frères de la Côte from 13 to 15 September 2019. Her participation is coordinated by Martin, Frère de la Côte of the Table de Nieuwpoort (FC 579).   The crew will consist mainly of Frères de la Côte. Beyond Martin, will also […]

Blazing Star part of the Classical Pole of Lorient

Since this summer, Blazing Star is based in Port Louis in the fabulous bay of Lorient. She has joined the classic pole alongside other legendary boats and will participate in several regattas of classic boats to which you can participate. In addition Blazing Star, an exceptional boat, can be put at your disposal with skipper […]

Blazing Star even more powerful

During the winter of 2018/2019, Blazing Star benefited from a series of improvements: With the help of North Sail and more particularly Nicolas Yvon, new front sails have been designed and realized. Blazing Star now has a flying jib and a Yankee, bringing it even closer to the 1930 sail plan Thanks to the valuable […]

Blazing Star protected from UV

Thanks to Toussein’s talents as a fashion designer, most varnishes are now protected from UV dammages thanks to a custom-made tarpaulin. This will better preserve the enormous work of Goeff Allen who has spent many months giving the mahogany exterior all its splendor and warm tone. Good winds

Family cruise around Brittany

After a ferry from Nieuwpoort to the port of Dielette, Blazing Star welcomed a family with four children to a caterpillar that took them on a tour of Brittany from Port Dielette to Port Navallo through the Channel Islands. Blazing Star has traveled in a short time a large number of miles to a sustained […]

Three generations aboard Blazing Star

This summer, the Blazing Star welcomed a dozen members of the same family on board. It was a unique opportunity to gather around a common activity and share delicious snacks, which delighted the three generations present.   Fair winds